“It gladdens my heart to state, without any equivocation that, the lessons shared with me have had an indelibly positive impact on me; helping to transform my thoughts on both personal and professional relationships. The unbridled joy of learning about LAVA and FUSION approaches, with regard to the adept analysis of my audience, PQ reps, mental fitness and observation of my saboteurs, including how best to react in every situation, gives me the much needed comprehension of how to firstly, lead myself and secondly, manage the most critical tones of communication. This has further equipped me with the most necessary tools to better illuminate and expertly navigate the next chapters of my future.”

Technology Leader, Fortune 50 organization

“My focus is always with my team, supporting them and helping them grow. Diane and I worked through a framework that I’ve found beneficial to both handling current chaos of the organization and keeping focus on my team.

I also put some focus on self care and stress management. It was helpful to have someone to talk with and help me reflect on how well I was keeping balance in my life, calling out when a “Saboteur” is at play,  and flipping the circumstance to an inquisitive one. The “Saboteur”/”Sage” concept helped me gain a better understanding of myself. I also found it helpful in observing and coaching my team from a counter-productive mindset to a more refreshed one. This ultimately helped her be better prepared for the onsite proposal meeting.

Finally, there were other tips that Diane shared that were helpful. I enjoyed her perspective and patience in helping me get to know myself better. Her advice around building breaks and setting boundaries to combat my restlessness have also been helpful. I continue to be mindful of these things and practice them. I leave our time together stronger, more resilient, and better equipped for coaching my teams to be their best.”

Director, Executive Relationship Management, HCM Solutions

“Diane is an exceptional coach and Guide. She is very quick to understand my needs and guides me in a positive direction. She shared lots of helpful materials too. Her role play exercises are the best. She is a great motivator. I immensely benefited from her coaching.”

Engineering Director, Financial Industry

“Diane has been an incredible coach this past year. Through our coaching sessions I have learned strategies and tools to help improve both my career, and personal life. Diane is an excellent listener and empathizer, never judges and always helps to bounce ideas off of.

She asks questions to get you to explore solutions on your own. Through Diane I have also received tools to help improve my mindset, think about my career journey, and really think about how I want to show up in the world. This experience has been fantastic and I would recommend Diane to anyone looking to take their career to the next level.”

Senior Account Executive, Software Industry

“I benefited greatly from my career coaching with Diane. From the first session, we developed a good rapport and Diane quickly helped me articulate the challenges that I was experiencing transitioning into a new role at work. Our coaching sessions were highly engaging and a nice balance of discussing new approaches, identifying opportunities to put them into practice, and discussing the outcomes. I feel much more confident in my role today, and I’ve received positive feedback from my manager and team in applying these new approaches.”

Senior Director, Global Biotechnology company

Working with Diane has made an incredible difference in both my personal and professional life. I am not sure what I expected when I started this process, but I know I never expected to learn as much about me and my interactions with the people around me as I did. By applying the things we have discussed, I have been able to take contentious meetings and conversations (personal and professional) and turn all of them into productive conversations. The change in some of my relationships has been absolutely astonishing because of the work we have done together. Additionally, she has given me the tools and insight I need to confidently take the next steps in my life as well as to best understand what those steps actually are. I love working with Diane and could never say enough good things about her or her coaching skills.”

Senior Director – Technology, Investment Management

“This was my first experience with coaching and I started without knowing what to expect. Diane was really good at listening and guiding me during this journey, as well as identifying what would be the areas we should work on for each session based on what was more useful at that time. She also shared some useful frameworks for me to look at my energy levels, build trust during conversations and also shared tools that I can use to become a better manager. Overall it was a great experience that I am sure will positively help me both personally and professionally. Thanks Diane!”

Senior Regional Commercial Manager, Global Startup

“Diane Chang held a session on the topic “Supporting women in STEM – from the inside” in a Senior Leadership Diversity meeting at a Global Investment Bank and Financial Services company as a guest speaker and career coach. Diane brought 25 years of industry experience and delivered a very informative and highly interactive session. The material was original and unique. Diane’s calm demeanor and open approach made the attendees feel comfortable and share personal stories, which was extremely valuable. Feedback was very positive from the attendees and they showed interest in having her back in similar forum this year.”

Executive Director, Asset Management Technology
Global Investment Bank and Financial Services company

“Diane has been one of the influential leaders in my life. I learned from her to focus on developing people’s strengths rather than their weakness. Her management and team development approach directly influenced how I build my teams today – we focus on developing strengths and the best way to set them up for success.”

Kevin J. Rhode, CTO Arizona

“Diane Chang presented an Advanced Topics Seminar (ATS) for the Project Management Institute of Orange County on Leading Successful Projects by “Minding Your P’s and Q’s”. She provided a highly-interactive, entertaining, very informative presentation that was well-rated by over 25 attendees. Diane brought us a wealth of successful experience along with slides full of useful, actionable recommendations. We certainly want her back to present for us again.”

Judith Berman, PMP, CSM, SPHR, Ph.D.

“When Diane was my manager, I always felt understood and supported. I felt I could take risks and she would have my back. I also felt like she knew me and saw potential I didn’t even knew I had. And on top of it all, she built a strong, close knit management team by instilling a sense of fun and playfulness.”

Suzanne Wilson Tani, Technology Project Manager, California

“Building a high-performing team is hard. Retaining a high-performing team is even harder. When I became a manager and had to build a team of my own, I realized what an accomplishment it was that Diane had achieved as a leader. She established a team culture that was open, supportive, respectful, genuine, diverse, and yes, FUN. The positive environment motivated me to do more, not just for my own development, but to also raise the collective success of the whole team.”

Mai Nguyen, Technology Manager, California

“There are few people in your career and in life that will stand for you. Diane is one of those people. Through her leadership and coaching, she has allowed me to explore, examine, and discover things that I never saw about myself before. As a result, she helped me shine a light on what is important in my being…as a leader / team member, a father / husband / parent, and even my daily interactions. I appreciate being able to see what I enjoy about life / work and continue to make empowered choices in that space that I create. Through her coaching, I was able to shift my perception and create an environment on my team based on the principle of “I can only win, when YOU win”. Thank you Diane for standing for me…I know what it is to stand for others too!”

Andrew Nakamura, Senior Business Systems Analyst, California

“Diane facilitated a transformative discussion centered around my core values. The tools she used to pinpoint my interests and natural talents helped to focus my energy and quiet the noise in my head interfering with creating a plan. My time with her was well spent and allowed me to establish a way forward to realize both my personal and professional goals.”

Senior Manager of Continuous Improvement, California

“I worked on Diane’s team for 2+ years as a technical consultant. I would refer to her as the leader, but that doesn’t tell the story or accurately reflect the team dynamic that she created. Diane’s core personality created an environment of trust, caring and authenticity – always thoughtful, always doing the right thing. The team formed and grew in that context and the result was incredibly effective. 15 years later I still hear some of those team members reflect that this was the best project they have ever worked on (and the system is still in production going strong!).”
Dave Cotton, Technical Specialist, California

“I had two great opportunities to work with Diane as a peer/colleague in an IT-investment management environment. She is an excellent listener and communicator, and a trusted advisor; other team members were drawn to her for her guidance as well. She has a great ability to see the bigger picture, and is approachable and non-judgmental. I was very encouraged by her words and the approach she uses to engage a meaningful dialogue is highly effective. I am very fortunate to have Diane as a coach and a friend.”

Senior Technology Program Manager, New York

“Working with Diane helped me move through a job transition powerfully. She helped me evaluate all opportunities and guided me as I chose the path that was the best for me. With Diane’s skill and insight, I was able to really examine my blocks and desires to make a strong choice and back up that choice with tangible action.”

Amy, New York

“Diane was great to work with. She made a difference in my life through helping me understand my core values and the way I process information. She helped me become more aware of my thought process and thus my actions, and reactions that followed. She is a great listener and a good sounding board. She does not judge and listens proactively. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach. Diane has a gift and I am so happy she has chosen to share it with so many others.”

Jennifer, Florida

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